Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez

Commissioner Rodriguez was born and raised in precinct one and his values are rooted in the Southside. His vision for the next four years includes preserving the cultural treasures that make our community unique, bringing new economic opportunity to the community, ensuring our youth have the best chance to succeed, honoring and serving our seniors and our veterans, and ensuring that our public safety officials have the tools they need to do their jobs.

Precinct 1 – The Jewel Of Bexar County

Precinct 1 is the fastest-growing precinct in Bexar County and home to some of county’s most valuable natural, archeological, historic and cultural treasures. Throughout this region’s history, settlers from all parts created new traditions and built new economies. The Southside’s scenic backdrop is a unique area on which new and old “settlers” – people and businesses – are building a future. Commissioner Rodriguez is working to ensure that the Southside retains its unique characteristics while we build a sustainable community where quality growth can occur.

“The Southside is the jewel of Bexar County, but for too long it was neglected. When I came into office I vowed to change that by making sure that I speak out to not only make sure the Southside gets its fair share, but also to tell its great story and all that it has to offer. From the new Mission Reach River Improvement Project to our parks and cultural heritage sites to our commercial enterprises and educational institutions, the Southside and its people are vital to the success of San Antonio and Bexar County. Every day, I get up and go to work to make sure that we’re a part of the progress of the entire community and that our residents get a chance to be a part of it.”

—Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez

Accessible & Responsive

Constituent service is one of Commissioner Rodriguez’s highest priorities. He knows that accessibility is important to you, and that’s why he opened a Southside satellite-field office and more recently, worked with the Tax Assessor-Collector Office to open a Tax Office Drive Thru on Pleasanton Road. These new facilities are literally bringing Bexar County services to you.

“One of the things I hear most often from constituents is ‘stay accessible and be responsive.’ I’ve taken that to heart and made it my highest priority. I hold town hall meetings, meeting with neighborhood groups, and following through on your requests.”

—Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez

The other part of part of being an effective public servant for constituents is being able to get results. Commissioner Rodriguez knows how to cut through red tape to get things done. For example, working through various non-profits who receive financial support from the county’s Community Service Development Block Grant, the Commissioner has been able to get aid for qualifying, struggling families in the forms of utility assistance, rental assistance, child care, after school programs, academic and life skills programs, and mental health and substance abuse assistance. The Commissioner and his staff work everyday to make sure that constituents who are truly in need and eligible get the help they need.

Standing Strong for Public Safety

One Commissioner Rodriguez’s most important responsibilities is to work with his colleagues on the Commissioner’s Court to develop the county’s annual budget, in which every office and department of the county, including our District Attorney and Sheriff’s office, is funded after long consultations. Every year, Commissioner Rodriguez has worked with the DA and the Sheriff to determine their needs and incorporate those priorities into budget discussions. When it comes to public safety, the Commissioner is also working with the San Antonio Police Department and state and federal officials, because he knows that Bexar County residents in the unincorporated areas look to the county government to make sure their law enforcement and fire safety needs are met.

“Every budget cycle I work closely with the DA and the Sheriff to make sure they have the resources they need to do their jobs. My overriding priority is simple: the safety and well-being of our residents and their families.”

—Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez

The Commissioner has also successfully worked to reduce jail overcrowding that strains our budget. Over the past 6 years, the Commissioner has worked with a number of partners, including the Bexar County Adult Drug Court, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, and the Center for Health Care Services, to develop innovative solutions to reduce recidivism rates and increase offenders’ re-entry success.

Creating Jobs & Opportunity

Precinct 1 continues to be the fastest-growing precinct in Bexar County. From the development of City South and Brooks City-Base and Texas A&M University – and their surrounding retail, commercial and housing developments – to the Mission Reach River Improvement Project, these initiatives are enriching our quality of life, creating jobs and stimulating our local economy.

TJX/MARMAXX has recently opened a state-of-the-art 1.5 million square foot distribution center on the Southside. In addition to bringing 1,000 new jobs, the company will donate 15-20 acres for a new school for Southside ISD and make a $20,000 donation to Seton Homes.

“Building a skilled workforce through strong public schools and opening the doors to higher education are key ingredients for economic growth. By working with educators, parents, and business leaders, I want to build an environment that draws the right kind of growth to the Southside: sustainable economic development creating opportunities for present and future generations of Southsiders.”

—Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez

The Commissioner is working to shepherd even more economic development to fruition, so that they can serve as a catalyst and continue building on the momentum generated by the establishment of the Toyota manufacturing facility, almost two decades ago. He is also working to support diversity in housing and to revitalize and protect our existing neighborhoods, because he knows they are also key to drawing new residents and businesses to our community.

Going Above and Beyond for Seniors

Commissioner Rodriguez has worked to assist Bexar County senior citizens in two big ways. First, through his support of Christian Senior Services (CSS), a nonprofit organization focused on providing nutritious meals to frail or disabled seniors. Every year, while serving as Commissioner for Precinct 1, he has been able to provide funding to CSS to assist them in continuing service to seniors in the unincorporated areas of Bexar County. CSS’s Meals on Wheels program has resulted in 65% of the seniors who receive home-delivered meals experiencing improved health conditions and 75% of the seniors who receive this service improving their mental health, by eliminating their sense of isolation. In recent years, through his support and advocacy, the county has been able to provide additional funding to CSS, which has allowed them to apply for and receive additional funding from the state.

“I believe that our seniors, who have worked a lifetime and raised our families, deserve dignity and respect, and I’m committed to supporting programs and initiatives that deliver on this fundamental principle.

—Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez

The second way the Commissioner gives back is through his own non-profit organization, established as a promise he made to help seniors fulfill their promises to Our Lady of San Juan. The Road Senior Valley Promise (or RSVP) hosts an annual Golf Tournament, which reaches out to members of the community to sponsor these trips. Since founding RSVP, there have been over 132 trips taken. The proceeds from this tournament cover the cost for transportation and food so there is no cost to our seniors.

Helping Youth Overcome Barriers, Achieve Dreams

Commissioner Rodriguez is working to ensure that programs are available to address the daily issues that can sometimes put the strain on families that affect our children and young people. Through his annual clothing and backpack drives to his support of stay-in-school programs and his work to ensure that eligible parents get the financial aid necessary for their children’s health needs so that they can succeed in school, Commissioner Rodriguez has worked to keep our kids healthy, safe and in-school.

“There are a lot of young people doing great things on the Southside, and I want to support them. But they also face challenges that have been with us for decades: financial strain, high dropout rates, teen pregnancy, criminal activity, and substance abuse. These are serious challenges, but I’m determined to continue working with our youth, their parents and guardians, and their teachers to overcome these barriers.”

—Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez

When young people get in trouble, we have to act fast with quality intervention and education. The Commissioner is proud to support the Bexar County Juvenile Drug Court, which focuses on first-time offenders for substance abuse offenses. The Drug Court Program effectively intervenes and educates without having to incur a juvenile adjudication component. This Program attempts to divert young children from placement outside their home by opening them up to substance abuse in-home counseling. Because of the hard work put for by the Juvenile Drug Court, the Commissioner has been proud to support applications successfully requesting state funding for substance abuse counseling Programs. Giving youth the opportunity to atone for and correct their mistakes at a young age increases their chances for success.